For me, anything NOT Kodak is good. Actually, for product/commercial and landscape work, Velvia is my favourite. For anything else, Provia 100F.

For B&W, Panatomic-X is my favourite, but since it's discontinued, Polaroid 55 or 665 (it's Panatomic-X). Next would be Ilford FP-4, then HP5, Then PanF, in Ilfotec-DD-X.

For colour neg, Fuji NPC, then NPH (the NEW NPH), then NPZ.

My overall favourite portrait film...Ilford SFX in DD-X.

Kodak colour film is too "pastel-ly" and has an easter-egg-like palette, even when printed on Portra. Since I run my own RA-4, Ilford Colors is my favourite paper.