This one had two great features for me: First, I fully agree with his point that photographers who don't learn analog photography are missing something important. Second, he gives APUG a great mention...that couldn't be anything but good.

I always listen to his commentaries, even when the subject has nothing to do with my interests. The reason is that, if nothing else, he always makes me think. (In fact, this may be the first of his audio blogs that didn't make me think...this one I already agreed with in every way.) He spends a lot of time discussing things that I don't work with, but even listening to his comments on the digital side of the world almost always gives me something to ponder.

His is the only magazine I subscribe to. Not the only photographic magazine, but the only magazine period. I still buy others, but can't be bothered subscribing as I don't trust that every issue will be worth reading. LensWork always is.

Congratulations to Sean on having created a community worthy of the attention it's gotten, and congratulations to Brooks for giving APUG the attention it deserves.