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4 at a time seems slow. Once I got my exposure and contrast dailed in I exposed 50 sheets then processed in batches of 10. About halfway through I processed 1 sheet just to make sure everything was still good. This round I printed on RC paper which also saved a lot of time, so much so that I think I'll tone the prints.

If I even try 5 at a time it seems I end up with 2 stuck together at least partially in the developer and then instead of 4 good prints I have 3 good ones and two ruined ones So while 4 at a time is slow it is better than wasting paper. I don't usually do more than one at a time so unfortunately my shuffling technique is not very good; the postcard exchange is the only time I print this many of the same negative. This is especially tough with a #13 safelight, very hard to see.

33 done (not including rejects ), 14 to go (44 plus 3 extras) though I will probably print 16 more and hopefully get at least 14 more good ones out of them.

I find my dodging technique also somehow gets worse when I do more than one at a time. I guess I become impatient/bored but I want to finish this up soon as I don't want to change the framing/cropping of my shot if possible.