I would (finally, after talking about it for almost a year ) like to start with my first Ilfochrome experiments and have a few questions left. If all I process is a little strip of exposed paper, it seems wasteful to run a whole quantity of single shot chemistry. Even the small Jobo 1510 tanks state 140 ml for roll processing. With the 3x1l kit this would mean I have 7 test runs before I have to get new chemistry ....

- Assuming I only have a smal test strip: can I reuse the chemistry or will consecutive runs yield so much different results that they will provide more confusion than information?

- How little chemistry do I really need in a 1510 tank with one test strip of paper?

- Since the 1500 series tanks to not have the grooves I find in the 2500 series tanks, I assume I have to build some insert which holds the paper in place and allows the chemistry to get to the paper from behind. Are there any standard materials known to work, i.e. not interfere with chemistry and paper?

- Once I got the process sorted out: how much chemistry should I use with the 2500 series tanks? Is the main requirement that the paper is fully immersed or is the minimum chemistry quantity per cm^2 the limiting factor?

Thanks in advance for all answers!