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i've read that others rated their tri-x at 200 for better results do you pull the film during developing, or develop it as if you rated it 400
ie. are you intentionally overexposing 1 stop because you find that yields better results with tri-x
It is fun and worthwhile to experiment with rating films at something different that the box speed to see what they do.


The more I learn about the craft of photography and the better I get at each task the more I like using the box rating.

The results others get are nearly irrelevant because things as simple as their thermometer reading being differently than yours or their metering technique giving different readings than yours (both of which are the norm BTW) or any number of other variables can skew the result.

Shooting any film at half box speed will get you more shadow detail than if you shot it at box speed.

Which is more important to you though, an extra stop of detail or a less blur with a faster shutter speed?

The answer to that question can vary for every shot.

With regard to changing development because of a change in exposure:

That depends on how the SBR of the scene matches the paper your printing on.