Thanks hka, I have the same pictures but the last one only shows the top of the cover so I can't tell if the underneath is like my open inverted dome or like the rougher finish cover which has no dome.

I am convinced that both of my diffused covers are Lici equipment. They came with the Colorstar and fit the probe perfectly and yet the manual only seems to mention one diffused cover which is the 104. One of mine must be the 104 but I don't know which one, nor what the other one is for. It might be for full integral measuring but the clear spot probe plus the 7x7cm diffusion material to fit under the enlarger lens seems to be for this, so it remains a mystery

I hope you are well. We met on the Oct 2008 Ilford tour. I was in your group in the afternoon. I was the one with the bald head and Scottish accent!