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I actually miss a little of the good digital days where i can have instant feedback from the LCD screen. Ooops...i said the forbidden word.
Nah, you just spelled "Polaroid" wrong. :-)

I am going in a short beach trip tomorrow and i am only bringing my film camera. This is the first time going on a holiday with no digital camera. I want to use this as a stepping stone to see if i can survive with film in my more important Canada trip this August. I cant tell you how stress i am. My family members expect me to still take those nice family shots of the kids etc. At this point in time i cant even manual focus on the kids. They are almost impossible to take!! And now suddenly i worry about exposure which never cross my mind before.
Of course, "film" doesn't have to mean "manual focus". But in general, I think it's usually a mistake to be too principled about "film only"; you want to use the right tool for a particular job, right?---and sometimes that means using something that's not your preferred tool.

As a parent, I think that idea goes double for pictures of the kids. A d*g*t*l photo that gets taken successfully makes a better memory than an analog photo that doesn't! It seems like maybe you should do a "soft" transfer, carrying both film and digital cameras on occasions like family trips until you come to a point where you feel confident that you can get everything you need with film alone.

But this is part of the reason I eventually bought an autofocus film SLR body; it shoots essentially the same as a DSLR but with a different capture medium. It's not as much fun to shoot as some of my old iron, though, for certain.