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Haha, I wasn't referring to Cartier-Bresson's print quality. I meant overexposed in the societal sense. His stuff is out there, everywhere, and many people who were doing extremely good work at the same time do not get as much credit or exposure. He was great at many things, and perhaps I should just be thankful that people are looking at photography in a museum setting, but...I may choke if I see certain pictures of his on a wall again!
For a moment, I thought that's what you meant but wasn't sure. I have always heard all sorts of complaints about HCB's images, from poor focus to exposures, etc. As far as a societal over-exposure, well, you can't blame the artist. It is those who elevate him to a higher ground that are to blame. Maybe he marketed himself well or because he was different but, at the end of the day, the work speaks for itself. If others have done as well as he did at the same time, I am sure that are various reasons for the public's indifference. It could be the body of work, consistency, raw talent, marketing, time, place, attitude, camera gear (Leica always did well by association), etc.