If color negatives varied in balance this would be a tragedy and would renter neg-pos systems untenable in the industry. As it happens, Kodak has maintained the same balance with negatives from the first to present, and I can print them on color paper with nearly the same balance. The same holds true for dye transfer from what I could glean back in "the day".

The R/G/B speeds of the various color negative films are kept in as much control as are positive films in order to simplify all varieties of color printing, and with the exception of CU Color Negative from the 60s, all color neg is controlled. So, if you have trouble printing using color negatives, the problem is elsewhere than in the negative.

However, printing with R/G/B separation filters either from color positives or color negatives is a true pain. The best way is to use a special tricolor camera that does the job for you taking the original.