Let me try to explain why does it rotates to xyz like crazy. Reason is to compensate the gravity effect on time keeper.
Brequet found this solution 200 years ago and his company still continues to produce watches at France.
Tourbillon is the name of the most inspiring tool at a watch againts the minimum inbalance at time keeper and compensates it 180 degree turns to kill with negative positive effect.
Gyrotourbillon adds the tourbillon mechanism more free dimensions and increase the effect. If you search internet forums , someone posted mechanical drawings of this watch and I could not understand anything. Designer is a woman and I praise the design with learning her struggle to make better watches.
As you know main time keeper turns left to right , right to left like all watches and Seiko invented no need to this.
Seiko watch took forty years to develop and it has a big circular metal piece turns to only one way. Its turning generates electricity and send the signal to a microchip. Microchip measures the speed and it increase the speed or slow down with applying electromagnetism to the rotor. Its like DC Servo electric motor and still takes days to complete the parts in one watch by watchmaker.