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Foot candles are no better or worse...
I know you're point is about measuring the range. That's fine.

I just want to reiterate what Chan Tran pointed out to me today that what messed me up was confusing Candela per square foot versus foot candles.

Reflected light is measured differently than incident light. You can't convert between the two.

(If you arrive at a difference around 4 stops you probably confused reflected vs incident measures.)

But this thread has also revolved around the question... Why bother?

I would say Ansel Adams' Exposure Formula was meant to be a practical way to get to the point where you can predict your f/stop and shutter speed before you pull out the meter because you instinctively know what the meter will read anyway.

EV or LV numbers aren't as practical for that game. I would recommend picking up a Weston Master II III or IV meter if you want to experiment with Ansel Adams' Exposure Formula.