Thanks for all the replies so far. Yes, I did notice later that I get 2 l of each dev component after mixing, 14 runs is not that bad, and with that other tank I'd get even 50 runs. I am still curious how many shots one can get out of, let's say, 200 ml dev in multiple runs while still maintaining acceptable quality.

Here is my strategy so far:
  • I read somewhere that Ilford FB black and white paper has about the same light sensitivity as Ilfochrome sheets. I will use this to get into the ball park with little effort. My initial fear was that I'd need 6 strips of Ilfochrome to get there.
  • I will cut down the Ilfochrome paper into 6x9cm sheets, since this allows me to run multiple experiments in one run. This may speed up things once I am in the ball park and only want to fine tune filtering
  • With a Wallner densitometer I should be able to adjust paper exposure without too many test strips, even if I switch from 35mm to 6x7 slide size.

I learned from reading multiple sources that Ilfochrome is a simple process once everything is dialed in properly and if the process can be made repeatable. It's just the first few steps that seem to require extra effort and consideration ...