I have been shooting film for a few years now, on an amateur level, most recently with an Agfa Rangefinder. I would describe my style as a mix of art and travel, taking photos rather sparingly in general (36 images on one trip or over 2-3months at home).

I have now reached the point where I seem to have collected a fair amount of photographs. I value a large amount of my photos and am quite vigilant about keeping them ordered and complete. However, I now feel that many of my photos are superfluous(15%?), being the less successful images that are blurry, obstructed, over/underexposed etc. I seem to have kept them a) for completeness' sake and b) for the sake of art, and the thought that they may one day render useful/interesting (I am quite a hoarder). However when I look through my photos now these images become rather annoying as I flick past them in search of my more successful images. I feel like I should throw them away, but I fear I may regret this in the future? Perhaps sort them out and store them separately?

I would greatly appreciate any personal opinions and suggestions as I am completely stuck on what to do!