I've had pretty good luck with:
8x10 deardorff - 8x10 and 5x7 backs, a bunch of holders, a jumbo film changing tent
hasselblad with 80 and 160 mm lenses and a couple of extra backs
nikon fe2 loaded with kodak tmax100, a nikon f3/t with hp5 and an assortment of lenses.

I like the large format for after-the-ceremony firing squad stuff (line them up and shoot them). If I have a chance I'll set up lights and backdrop and do pictures of guests who want to be photographed. Once I've processed the big negatives (pryo, in trays, by inspection rather than time and temp) I deliver either as contact prints on silver (lodima in amidol) or palladium (strathmore or rives bfk watercolor paper)
I've tried a 4x5 press camera and been unhappy with results.
Occasionally, I contact print the 6x6 negatives, but for the most I crop them pretty heavily. I print the 35 mm negatives on ilford fiber base full-frame (with the verification boarder).

I think as long as the bride and groom have a very clear understanding of what you're planning on delivering and your general aesthetic things go way smoother. I don't do photography for a living. I have a lot of respect for those who do.