I understand your point completely. I would love to experiment with tricolor carbon from large format, but I'm concerned that I would a) never see my family b) go broke c) spend all my time in the darkroom and not shooting.

Likewise, I could imagine shooting with my iphone and printing small Epsons with the same satisfaction.

The darkroom is definitely addictive. It's a tragedy that the films once available for the intermediate steps are mostly gone. Pan masking, pan highlight, separation negative film, super XX are all gone. For me this seems like a closed (maybe slammed shut) door, but to your credit, you seam to see it as a puzzle.

On the bright side... you're probably getting some killer deals on used gear. Every now and then I look at darkroom stuff on Ebay (darkroom porn) and lust for a Leitz Focomat IIc or a Durst 5x7 for a crazy low price.