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My friend have an friend who is one of the Istanbuls most important watch seller. He says they order higher quality copies of Omegas and sell to the idiots as real Omega. I think buying new watches is very complicated. I saw 60 dollars copies of some chronos and its impossible to tell which is which.
I am watching country tourism ads at cnn and I suspect %90 of the asian luxury market is fake.
I have an eye on excellent bronze case Vacheron copies , even Hong Kong tourbillons cost 1500 and guaranteed 15 years. For 100 dollars , We can be rich !
There is an acid test. Simply take the watch you're considering buying to a dealer of the particular brand and ask to have it serviced. If it's fake they won't touch it. I would always do this before buying any high end watch.

Rolex movements (with the exception of the Cosmograph Daytona) have been made in Asian sweat shops for years. Only 10% or so of the movements are good enough to be certified as Swiss Chronometers. The rest are sent back to China where many end up in fakes. They run just as well as certified ones.