I did this exact same thing ... thought how smart I was having the sink designed for easy reach - and not thinking about the depth of said sink.

I also have a bug problem - not a design mistake, but since my darkroom is in an outbuilding, every bug in the neighborhood stops by for a drink from my sink it seems. Having a 2 inch tree roach crawling up your leg in the pitch black as you use both hands spooling 35mm film onto a reel is sorta creepy. Luckily I'm not a "EEEEK, there's a bug" kinda girl. Just waited til I was done, turned the light on, and then used a stir stick to cut him in half. His head twitched for 10 minutes. Damn dinosaur bugs. They will NEVER die.

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You're correct that ventilation is important. However, this thread is about design mistakes, and folks tend to have fewer "mistakes" on something this important.

And my contribution: (not so much a mistake, as something often overlooked or not considered). Think about the height of the bottom of your sink for print trays. I built my own stand so that that the bottom of the sink, and then the trays, were at "counter height", or about 36". Most sinks on factory stands have the top of the sink at counter height (like your kitchen sink) which makes the bottom and the trays much lower. This means bending over a bit to reach and agitate trays for someone at my height, which is only 5' 10". I don't know how some of you guys over 6 feet do it without killing your back.