I have a CLS500 head.

I so far have eliminated: Fogging, improper negative development, bad paper, and room temperature chemicals. Also, I checked inside to make sure the filters racked back/forth properly, and that they weren't coated in dust- seemed to work perfectly and were clean. Upped the chem temps to 35C and I believe I see LESS cyan 'fogging', but I can't continue to increase the temp past that because I have no way of maintaining it. It's been a couple of years, but I believe I used the tetenal kit at room temp and got great results. I'm going to try those before trying the kodak chems.

If it all turns out to be to low chemistry temps, I'll just put this whole thing off until I can get my paper processor up and running!

Who here is getting nice color balance at room temp with this paper in trays?