I'm not so scientific and I found this post very interesting. I do differently as my main "problem" is to visualise, and sometimes peg into memory, the light condition.

I set in my mind that EV 15 is the "sunny f/16 rule".
Keeping 1/125 fixed, and ISO 100 fixed, is:

EV 16 = 22
EV 15 = 16
EV 14 = 11
EV 13 = 8
EV 12 = 5.6

Normally in my activity I am confronted most with values from EV12 to EV 15, outdoor photography. It's the old same few cases of film instructions: shade, veiled sun - diffused light, sun with with clear shadow on the ground, sun with very neat shadow on the ground.
In taking readings I usually always leave my light meter set at ISO 100 also when the film is faster.
The reading corresponds first to a couple in my mind. EV 12.5 = 125@5.6 + half stop.

Also when I use 400 ISO, I want my light meter to tell me EV 12.

From there I adjust by "ticks". Some "ticks" for film if different from ISO 100, and some "ticks" in both direction for reciprocity.
Let's say that I have a 400 ISO and I want to use 1/1000, that's:
Two "ticks" bring me to 1/500, "even" for 400 ISO. Another "tick" brings me to 1/1000 that I reciprocate with a tick down on the diaphragm, f/4.

If I had wanted to use f/4, I would have added one "tick" from f/5.6 to f/4, and then three "ticks" (one for reciprocity, and two added for the ISO 400) from 1/125 to 1/1000.

When I have to span across many EV of difference, I very stupidly count ticks straight on the camera. EV 6 is "six ticks down" from canonical 1/125@f/5.6. So let me see... I want to use f/8, I count seven ticks down from 1/125 to 1/2 on the shutter speed dial.

What I find interesting of EV (LV actually) is mainly memorising. I enter a church and I read the incident light and let's say on that moment it is EV 6. "6" it's easy a number to remember for the future. I can then slowly work out that I can make this shoot with f/2.8, 1/8" and a bean bag. Or maybe f/8 and 1" and a bean bag, hopefully with self-timer. Five minutes after having walked out of the church I will have forgotten which exposure I took, or could have used. Was it 1/8@f/2.8 or 1"@f/2.8? It's too easy to forget, it's too many numbers. EV 6 is easy to remember.

By the same token, I always think in terms of "EV at 100 ISO" (or LV). That church was EV 6 (LV 6) regardless of the film I am going to use in it. One day I can decide to go round with a 800 ISO film taking free-hand church interiors. What was it? EV 6. I might need some time to compute the possible time / aperture couple in my mind with all this "ticking", but I will have remembered "6" which is the important data.

Lit monuments are normally around EV4. That's 4"@f/8, or 1" @f/4, or 1/4@f/2. At what ISO was that? It's easy to mix numbers. LV4 is easy.

Remembering is important to me for a number of reasons, and centering my reading on LV helps me remembering and also helps learning to figure out exposure before measuring it with the instrument.