The hottest I ever experienced in the area was 124 degrees (51 Celsius) in 1994, and I was on a motorcycle. The engine heat on my legs made it especially difficult. I got to Palm Desert and up Hwy. 74 into the mountains as quickly as I could.
The highest temperature in the state is often at a place just north of the Salton Sea called, appropriately, Thermal.
Is it a sandy desert or flat rock ? Do you have pictures ? How was the desert color , brown , blue or beige ? Do this desert covered with bloom at spring ?

Every year Indian Motorcycle Club cross the Death Valley with least 60 years old Indians. They are really crazy people but I love them. I found a photo gallery and rock walls , canyons looks like Canon the Savage comics books.

I very interested in buying seeds from Sonora desert seed sellers and grow at my home. Ansel Adams reported the all fauna and flora of Death valley and there are least 70 different flowers there. After reading his book , I am growing Cactus at my room. We are growing Cactuses for 35 years at our home and some growed like a tree , very scary look. One of the cactus opened its big purple flower after 20 or more years and they say its a very rare occasion.

I think when you become a senior , you will be an member of Antique Club of America and buy a Indian .

I love Honda , is it Alpine one ?