lxdude ,

I know Magna , wonderful motor. Its muscular , strong and reliable , motorcycle magazines like it very much . Did New Indian succeed at its business after Henderson crash ? I am thinking to buy a Ural from Georgia or Russia and cross the Asia until Japan through Siberia. I learned that Siberia is not for humans at summer because there are billions of mosquitos. At nights , mosquito density to reach to rock density and they off the campfires !!!!! lol , No , I did not deserve it. I talked with someone on chat trying to sell me a chinese big motorcycle new 350 dollars and for African Roads. It costs me 700 with taxes and it is the best bet. I can sleep in sidecar at the road and driving the devil on 3 legs is better. I think driving from Istanbul to Morocco is best option. I dont want to insult myself with visa applications and facist police and Europe is not an option. I always want to live in Tunisia and Morocco and I will be closer to my sister , She is in France. Morocco Atlas Mountains is an excellent place and if you know Star Wars 1979 , its desert scenes recorded at that area. Algeria is an excellent place also , all speak French and its a good place to learn French , Arabian and Spanish. May be I cross the straits with a inner tube and a sail attached it and visit Barcelona and Al Hambra.
It seems to me there are least two years barrier in front of me.