Good morning, Tony;

You already have the lens. You know what it can do. You are asking already about how to cure the problem.

Now. How long are you going to keep the lens? If I had not lost it, my original Minolta camera and lens would now be 48 years old. If you are going to keep the lens for 10 years, that cost of $60 for lens work is about $6.00 per year. That is about the cost of a large latte plus tip for the barista out here.

The Super Takumar lenses are worth the maintenance, and, I have never bought anything off e-Bay that did not need at least a CLA. Of those, 60% required repair work in addition to the CLA to get them into good working order and back in specification. Then 20% were found to have so many problems it was more than even I wanted to do, so they became sources for parts to keep other cameras going. Then we have the last 20% that actually did work upon arrival, but they still got the CLA to insure that I knew their condition and developing history, and I could depend on them continuing to work for me over a multiple year long time period.

The cleaning of the lens aperture blades and replacement of the focusing helicoid lubricant is worth the cost of the routine maintenance and the long future use of your lens.