Being a photographer IS being a collector: a collector of reality. Hey, here's a nugget I'd like to take home.

I utterly disagree with the author's "necessary disdain" for tools : "Photographer, on the other hand, regards the camera as but a means of art-making. For her, a certain disdain for one's tools, but a steadfast monogamous fidelity to the chosen few, is essential if she is to make serious art."

Stupid. Ever seen William Eggleston's camera safe? Know how many lenses and cameras hung around St. Ansel's place? Wonder if Leonardo did not have a favourite brush?

You can't have disdain for your tools if you're an artist. You may just not necessarily have the same rabid devotion as a professional collector, but your tools are your art, and some may even be totally flippant about them being smashed, but there's a reason why some people do watercolour instead of oil paint: because they love the materials.