Yes, Rickett's Glen was to be a national park. I remember reading this. I love these images from you two they get me excited to see more.

Love them slick trails, direct evidence that the falls are bound to be flowing. Being a working man I will be glad to share the weekend with others there, I just have to be early on the trails to get there first. Starting to happen many places I go to shoot.

I've booked a room at Rickett's Glen Hotel September 23-24. I'll take off from Dayton Ohio after work on the 22nd and make a drive most of the way in and crash along the way when I get too tired of driving so I can be there early Friday morning the 23 of September. After talking to the folks at Ricket's Glen Hotel, the peak of Fall is an elusive thing. Sometimes fall colors are in the middle of Sept, sometimes the middle of October but usually in-between depending on the weather, rain, heat and such.

Rickett's Glen Hotel looks like a nice place to base from. , they do lunch and diner but not breakfast I found out.There is also camping sites and cabin rentals at the state park and other places in the area to overnight.

If anyone else has other images and or experience there please chime in.