To add extra info to the thread:

There is/was Polaroid "Pack film" and there is/was Polaroid "Integral film".

Any Polaroid brand film out there is old stock. Snap it up and enjoy it while you can!

Currently there is Fuji film pack film available and there is "The Impossible Projects" integral film available.

Pack film does not have a battery as the battery is in the camera or in some cases the film is used in a manual camera.

Integral fim has a battery as part of the film pack. There is no battery in the camera.

I use lots of FP100-C (colour) and some FP100-B (B&W). You don't need to be time terribly conscious with development of these films as they are self terminating development. Obviously don't peel as soon as you pull it out of the camera. I often don't peel any shots apart until I get home from a day out.