Hello All,

My excitement over the event is growing by the day. We're getting really close now and I can't tell you how much I am looking forward to seeing everyone. I just heard from the Birchwood Inn folks saying that room reservations have done very well. They are very grateful to have us back are very much looking forward to our arrival. We will pretty much have the run of the place including the sun room, patio and basement meeting room. They have also purchased 2 free standing fire pits and wood for our use, so we'll also have a couple campfires to sit around. Don't forget the marshmallows, chocolate and graham crackers!

Just a note to say that I am scheduling the "official" reception for Photostock on Friday night, the 24th. Due to the fact that people will still be arriving and the UP exploratory group will most likely be returning later in the evening, we'll start the party later and let it go on late. Let's say an official start time at 8PM and we'll go to the last person standing.

I have ordered a half barrel of Oberon for the festivities as well. The unofficial beer of Photostock that is brewed right here in Michigan. There will also be a variety of soft drinks as well as the usual munchies. I'd also like everyone to feel free to bring something to share for the party. If you have a specialty that you like to bring to parties as a pass around, it will be most appreciated. We'll have paper plates, napkins and plastic cups, so you don't have to worry about bringing any of these items.

We will also be fortunate to have Cynthia Motzenbecker presenting a new and updated version of her vintage photography collection that will include the "naughty" portion for adults only. Cindy has shared these in the past at photostock and the show has been one of the most requested, so we are very happy to have her back again.

I had also hoped to have others come with presentations that we can add to the schedule, but so far, no one has come forward. You are still more than welcome to do this and there will be a digital projector, screen and computer for anyone wishing to take a slot, so let me know if you are interested.

Last, but not least... Due to the event being free this year... In an effort to cover any costs, I will also be offering a small print for sale soon at a very reduced price and all proceeds will go toward the event. The offer will only be placed here as well as go out to the registered guests via email.

More to come soon!


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