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Is this Kodak, Fuji or some other brand, and is it stabilzer or final rinse?

Added in an edit that brand or type should not matter if you wish to fix this quickly. Rewash right away and then treat with stabilizer again after stirring it well. Then after treatment, wipe down gently with a film squeegee or soft sponge.

Ron, what is that gunk on my film? It reminds me of glycerin. Also, will always need a squeegee? It did not do this on the first 3 rolls of 120 I put through, and I just hung them like I do my B&W Does this have to do with the fact I left the chemistry at working temp? I am using a kit they sell at freestyle, and it is my first go at DIY color. It is the Rollei/Compard kit. What is your recommendations for storage and working life? The short storage seems to be the limiting factor in its cost effectiveness for me, not the developer capacity.

Thanks, Your input is appreciated.
Chris Maness