Black Dog – Kitty and Gram- a nice use of DOF control, and good use of directional natural lighting. Good range of tones in the pring, from featureless black in the vest shadows, , to slightly washed out kitty’s chin. All about how we would see them in real time.

Djhopscotch – Versailles floor way- It’s a nice floor, and I am glad I’m not the one cleaning it. It could be used for a ‘Swiffer’ commercial advert.
Tack sharp, and a nice image that shows details while keeping the tonal range to just highlights and mid tones.

I might have tried stopping down the enlarger lens quite a lot and then focusing best as possible to keep it sharp, yet let you tilt the easel to see if you could level up the back wall.
I think it might be a bit stronger image if it were presented in that manner.

Just one more image to roll in to me and that would be 100% for R22 from my end.