Develop the pulled roll as normal, it will be dense but perfectly fine.

For the pushed rolls, you want a speed-increasing developer - there are a bunch you can google for, but I would suggest XTOL as maybe being a good start for the 1-stop push. The Adox films are generally absolutely no faster than rated and most people tend to be safe and overexpose them to retain shadow detail, so a two-stop push might be asking a lot.

One good option for two stops might (and this is a big might) be semi-stand development with Rodinal 1+50. You want a long development time to get the shadow detail (I would guess 30 minutes at 20C but that is a total guess) and minimal agitation (e.g. first 30s then 5s at the 1,2,5,10,15,25 minute points) so that the highlights don't get crazy-dense. If you agitate too often, the highlights will get away. If you agitate insufficiently, you can get bromide drag and therefore horrid vertical streaks on the negs.

If these shots matter, you will need to shoot some more of the same film at the same EI and do some tests. If the lighting was contrasty, you are going to find it difficult. If the lighting was horribly flat, you might actually get a really nice result!

Edit: MDC has a very few suggestions, seems to sort of agree on the Rodinal (shorter time, probably more agitation)