OK, Bump time. I'm out of school and itching to get started on the summer. I bring this back to the surface because it is what summer means to me- good friends, good food, the beach, and crazy photography-shooting, sharing and talking. I lied about the swop/freebie table being meager too. There will be easels, timers, funky old lenses, Polaroid stuff, Duoflexes, 127 cameras - whatever from the deepest caverns of school darkrooms and my own overstocked studio. I'll give everyone a roll of 120 film to shoot on the day. Maybe I'll re-roll them to 620 and make everybody shoot a Duoflex! Bring what you got and take home even more!
Saturday the 25th
45 Goshen Rd.
Waterford, CT

All day. Bring a suit and some food or drink
Come one, come all.
PM me for details or to say you're coming.
Breakfast anyone?