Many thanks for the reply and yes, that was me on here earlier. However, I reposted here after a time because of no reponses there. In addition, I posted on to catch a different cross-section of users. It seemed to me that was more likely to have an abundance of U.K. users. There were several reponses there, including one person who has done business with Carmarthen Cameras.

I have sent these people more than one email. I do not remember what days of the weeks that I sent the emails, but I would expect any business to be able to come in on Monday morning and go through the weekend's mail. At least, I thought that a fair assumption.

Carmarthen Cameras has an item that I want and in a condition for which I have been searching. Our stateside KEH, and others, seem not to have the item for some time. I know that it will be more expensive, but I'm only going to do this once.