On Saturday I went to see Aluminum Overcast at Centennial Airport just outside Denver. There were several other planes on display, WWII re-enactors in US and German uniforms, vehicles and merchandise. there were free plane rides for kids ane you could ride the B-17 for $450. Watching them fire up those 4 Wright Cyclonesis impressive. I burned a roll of tmax in the C33 and finished off some Portra 35mm.

The C33 was a big hit! Several of the old vets told stories about the TLRs they bought while stationed in Japan during the occupation. One sold his C33 when he went digital. One of the re-enactors (sporting a .45 M1911A1 and an M3) now does wet plate and is interested in trying medium format. An elderly British woman was standing next to me as we watched the B-17 taxi for takeoff. She has a C220 on display in her apartment Her daughters are always lobbying to see who gets it in her will. She felt inspired to get it out next week and shoot. One of the ground crew asked if it was a stereo camera.

Still unfamiliar with the camera after 1/2 dozen rolls, I fumbled the one chance I had during takeoff.