I hope this thread is not seen as being overly solicitous, but I have been asked by several of my customers, avid film shooters and members of these fora, to make my presence known here.

I run XXLtd. Lab, out of Cleveland, OH.

We are, to my knowledge, the only lab making positives from C-41 and ECN-2 negatives.

We're one of the few or only one left offering optical machine prints in the near future.

We offer limited 8- and 16mm processing services.

And we are avidly pro film, although we do offer limited digital services as well.

Several of you on here I have seen start threads about ECN-2 processing of still film, old Seattle Filmworks film.

We can offer ALL of the services formerly provided by the likes of Dale, SFW, Red Dot, Signature Color, etc. I personally hate to see all of the misinformation out there as to who can do what, and it is three or four years out of date.

Our thread on Photo.net was deleted as solicitation, even though SOMEONE ELSE wrote a solicitation for Dale labs almost two years out of date.

There are some movie labs that run this service, but I can tell you it is negative only, and they use staples at heads and tails which cost you 5-6 frames on each end.

We lose NO FRAMES when processing ECN-2 film, use the CORRECT ECN-2 chemistry, and offer all of the finest 500T and slow dayllight 35mm MoPic films for sale from Eastman Kodak and Fujifilm.

Despite some other misinformation on here, as well, there is NO CONTRAST MISMATCH between current C-41 professional films and ECP print stock. Portra, Pro films make beautiful slides, and the contrast is about the same, just some different base densities, turning the yellow dial a tad more on the printer :-D

Anyway, am an avid film shooter, especially for PAID WORK myself, so I hope these fora will count me as a personal friend as well

XXLtd. Lab
Cleveland, OH