I rode in a Collings Foundation B-17. It was about $400 and was a once-in-a-lifetime experience for the cost of a car payment. As someone interested in history, it was really cool, and I highly suggest it if it's going to be in your area. They are a very skilled bunch who take very good care of the planes. You have to stay seated on takeoff and landing (basically strapped to the floor in the corner somewhere; I was in the radio room). Once aloft, you can wander about the plane from the tail to the nose. Nothing like walking the little catwalk up the middle of the bomb bay while flying knowing the history of the plane. Looking down is pretty cool through the big nose. They had a hatch off of the roof in the radio room while I was in it and you could poke your head up if you could deal with 180 knot airstream and look out from the top of the plane. Got some digital photos here.