To the best of my knowledge, he is still with us. On May 2, 2009 the following post appeared in The Online Photographer (at the very bottom of the page):

"I'm not dead yet. In fact my entire WW II crew of the B-26 Willie the Wolf are all gone now. I am the last man standing of that brave crew."

Art Kramer
344th Bomb Group
Bombardier on B-26 Willie the Wolf
England France Belgium Holland Italy Germany

In my youth I followed his photography writing, especially during his time at Modern Photography. During all those years I had no idea of his service during WWII. Years later I stumbled across the website I linked to above and was mesmerized by his combat stories and photographs. (Don't miss this story or this photo.)

I'm sure there are many others who also had no idea of his wartime exploits, but instead knew of him only through his photography.