what tank model are you using?

follow that link to Jobos website to see capacities near bottom of page.
the amounts box is pretty murky at best.

the bottom line is for 3010\3006 NEVER use more then 350ml (or risk damaging the processor or the cog lid of the tank)
for 3005 never more then 650ml.

sine the 3010 min capacity is 210ml i would say just fill it up and use max capacity chems thats the way i do it (though i use 2509 reels far more often).
if you do BW you might want to consider putting only half the plates in the tank with max chems, that will bring you to about 70ml per place. with color it makes absolutely no difference, 350ml for 5 plates or 20 plates.

in any case NEVER OVER FILL any expert drums.

let me know if you have any other questions.