developer is developer.
3010 max fill 330ml. i never really understood when you can use 210ml just dident seem worth while finding out...
but for the sake of the 120ml that might be wasted it was fine for me.

the amounts per tank posted by Jobo are only those that denote a sufficient level of liquid to fully immerse the negatives\papers for rotation\inversion, and it is usually pretty tight. thats why sometimes when you do BW and you need more active developer per square cm you need to use to use much much more chemicals then the max capacities of the tanks when doing rotation. when you do inversion its fine to fill a 2553 tank with 2.5L, but put that on a lift and you will soon hear the teeth of the cog flying out. the physycal max fill capacity of 3010 tank is HUGE, more then 3 liters (i think its closer to 5), but it is useless for inversion anyways. 330ml is all it needs.

all you want to do is just follow the charts form jobo, as per the dates - the only thing that *might* have changed is the time\temp for developer, if it is standard c-41 starting point should be 38.4c (or 100F if you must) for 3:15-3:30.
bleach as recommended, same for fixer. temp on bleach is less crucial, and temp on fix makes no difference.