The CPTA will give you a "Sepia" color print which is why it's called antique. The paper called CPTN is a continuous tone style material used to make copies of photographs for paste up and was never capable of producing a display quality print. I still have some here along with the processor. CPN would be a step on a step wedge paste up copy for text and solid color. The problem I think you're going to encounter is the chemistry. It's shelf life was well, short. Considering this stuff has been out of production I believe for 10 years I wouldn't get my hopes too high. But if it does you would expose the light sensitive half in a process camera the sandwhich the two together running them through the processor, wait 30-60 seconds and peal them apart like a Polaroid. I was once told that AGFA actually owned the Patent on Polaroids diffusion transfer process and funded money to them for their suit against Kodak, but I guess only Kodak, AGFA and Polaroid would know if that's true.