No, the lock screw does not resemble that. It has a small plastic clamp and a screw with a large plastic knob. Just look to the right and the lowest part of the whole caridge. You'll see it.

To take the condenser off.... You have two involved here. The variable condenser is in the little box with the door. Lift and remove. Wrap it carefully. You don't want this banging around in the box while you transport. The big aluminum one is held in place by 3 screws. One at the rear is not tight. Two in front are thumb screws. Losen them and twist the whole condenser assembly to the left just a few degrees. It will come off. Be careful at this point because lens themselves are NOT secured in this aluminum assembly. If you flip it up side down, they'll just fall out. Wrap that carefully, too.

The whole thing is QUITE heavy and top heavy. Have a friend to help you move that thing.