I have one of the early RE 645 cameras when I bought it I got the 60 and the 45 and ordered the 135. It was actually the 100 mm that I ended up with and was not able to get the 135. I did not know it was available and have not seen one. In any case when I got the lense I did get the info that Bronica would adapt the model I had to the 100 mm lens. I have not done this. The adaption I believe changes the view finder fram to that of 100 unstead of 135. I have not had a problem and mentally adjust for the added "acreage" The focus is right on and I could not have been more pleased with this camera. I will in the near future get an additional body-maybe one for the 100.

One the 45 mm, in my mind one of the unsung classics to be, I rarely use the viewfinder attachment, I use the full window most of the time.

Has anyone out there seen the 135 lens? I also would be interested in that one.

Dave in Vegas