Hey Panchro!

We're towards the South. Have a facility down-town and two other smaller ones for photography work and an office/equipment storage space on the border between Medina and Cuyahoga counties. We are solely mail order, though I suppose I could give a tour (not much to see though!)

Athiri, good to see a competitor. . . safely away on another continent! :-)

I have some hits from people in Australia, would love to chip a bone to you there. If you offer stock for sale, there is someone I'd like to send samples too if you'd be willing to cut me a break on a free roll I promised him. Will still come out cheaper than all the shipping.

Please shoot me a PM. If you need any help getting in touch with Kodak, Fuji, I know US reps granted, but could certainly put a word in for you. They will probably LOVE to hear from you at Kodak Australasia Ltd.