I think the chemistry was lots of accelerator and hydroquinone. Short on any restrainer for the lith version. Try to tap off 500mL , and see if it will develop b&w paper; add in say 6g of hydroquinone needles or 100mL of striaght dektol if you don't have raw HQ.

See how the paper develops, progressing from flashed paper (will it go black?), to paper exposed under a step wedge.
Reading the log densities of the step wedge will give you an idea of the gamma of the developer for the time you used.

You may have the base of a lifetime supply of accelerator for A+B developer if the original developing agent is pooched off, so think pyro, etc.

If it is alkaline enough, then you may have the makings of a lifetime supply of lithographic A+B by just mixing in concentrated developing agent.