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Mike Wilde's ancient (how ancient? 1950s?) Ansco IndiatoneKris
I'm really not sure. I was gifted 1000 sheets of 5x7 Indiatone a couple of years ago, and packaged it up to interested apugers for the cost of reimbursed postage.

The original case had an address label on the box of GAF Canada in Cooksville, which is a predcessor community to the City I live in now.

I have asked some people I work with who have lived here all of their lives, and none who were native to the Cooksville area in the late 60's onwards knew of this business location.

One guy I queried actualy worked for Braun at thier Canadian import distributor in Cooksville as a youngish teenager in the early 70s shipping razors and flashguns, and cannot ever recall any Ansco /GAF competitors being mentioned as being in the area.