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Having just moved house and my darkroom I've finally got round to sorting out the film stock in the fridge in the darkroom. I've found rolls of obscure film that I've been given to try over the years, perhaps it would be fun to carry out a few tests to see which give the worst results. Of those that I've tried Fortepan, in both 120 roll film and 4 x 5 developed in just about any developer produced awful results. Of the tried and tested recognised combinations, any of the Tmax range in HC110 are awful IMO and I don't blame the developer.
TMX and HC110 at the dilutions recommended by Kodak produces just about the worst results. When I was in a bind here with no developer and the only thing available was hc110 I bought a bottle and used dilution B at half strenght (1:30 instead of 1:15) and got wonderful results, very sharp negs with great shadows! I tried this because I always used TMX on TMX RS developer at half strenght (1:9 instead of 1:4) and always got consistent results.