Hi, I am new in the forum and I would want to get more information about silver recovery.
The last two years I was recovery silver from X-Ray fixer solutions and I have had good results but as long as I desilver fixer solutions from automatic labs.
I find problems when I desilver manual fixers which in my country is still using.
I have built an eletrolytic cell for 20 liter and it has an graphite anode and a stainless stell cathode; usually I work which 10 amperes - 4 volts but when I desilver which this parameters manual X-Ray fixer this "burn" and even if I reduce it until 1 ampere.
I tried to find a solution for this anyway but I have not had success.
Please If somebody has an advice what to do I will be really grateful for your help.
I hope I get a soon answer.