Yes. The Polaroid backs for the RB67 accepted Polaroid land pack film, the Fuji FP film pack (not the Instax films) is a drop-in replacement for pack film, FP-100C is a colour ISO 100 pack film in glossy or silk finish, FP-3000B is a black and white ISO3200 pack film. FP-100B is/was a black and white ISO 100 pack film which may or may not have been discontinued, it's certainly difficult to get hold of at a reasonable price.

I picked up a Polaroid back last month, and the Fuji FP films work very well. The RB67 can't fill the image area of Polaroid/Fufi inatant film, so you get a square image and a couple of black bands either side where the receptive area of the film sits outside the projected image.