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I once did a setup where I wanted to have the moon traverse most of the diagonal of the 135 frame. I didn't have a long lens so I was tring to get creative

I cant remember the specifics but I think the exposures were in the 20 minute range.

I screwed around with the whole roll and remember I surprised how much it did move even with shorter exposures. The shorter exposures didn't work too well, the moon was just blurred with no detail.

I'm sorry I can't help more but at least you recongnize there will be some movement.
Good luck and share your results.
Thanks. Yes it does move quite fast. I might have to experiment with a scrap roll and just try some exposures at various times between 4 seconds and 20 seconds. I guess that's the only way to know for sure whether I need to use TMY2 or can stick with TMX.