Press release from Ilford
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Rekindling the development work originally undertaken at ILFORD's Cheshire factory in the 1980's and enhancing it with improvements in emulsion design and production techniques, HARMAN technology Ltd are proud to introduce a brand new range of holographic glass plates.

HARMAN HOLO FX FINE GRAIN HOLOGRAPHIC PLATES are coated with a very fine grain holographic emulsion (crystal sizes typically 30-40nm) and are available in both red and green sensitive. Capable of extremely high resolution (more than 7000 cycles/mm) and with optimum transmissivity better than 80% at peak sensitivity, HARMAN HOLO FX plates are an excellent candidate for producing high quality Denisyuk holograms. Additionally the intrinsic scatter of the unexposed emulsion is sufficiently low to enable it to meet the demanding resolution requirements for Lippman-bragg recording, even in the blue spectral region.

HARMAN HOLO FX RED SENSITIVE holographic plates are sensitive over 600nm 694nm with peak sensitivity at 660nm and can be used with lasers such as Solid State Ruby lasers, HeNe and Krypton Ion gas lasers, both continuous and pulsed.

HARMAN HOLO FX GREEN SENSITIVE holographic plates are sensitive over 488nm 560nm with peak sensitivity at 532nm and can be used with lasers such as Solid State frequency-doubled Nd:YAG or Argon Ion gas lasers, both continuous and pulsed.

Aimed primarily at photographic art and educational applications, HARMAN HOLO FX plates are designed for use with a wide range of popular lasers, and are available as boxes of 6 plates in sizes 2.5 x 2.5in, 4 x 5in and 8 x 10in. Larger plates for use in commercial, archival and mastering applications are available to special order.

HARMAN Holographic plates can be processed in any of the purpose made holographic developer and bleach combinations, widely available in kit form and offering extremely convenient processing options.
Steven Brierley, Director of Sales and Marketing UK and USA, said "We are delighted to be back in this market again and early feedback from trial customers has been very encouraging."
For those among us who tinker with Holography, this sounds pretty amazing. I'm assuming they could be adapted for normal in-camera use too, with some experimentation.