I want to embark into the world of color velvia and I have some questions;

What exactly is the range in stops of Velvia? Four, five, six? I searched all over and found lots of different answers. Specifically I want to know how many stops do I have in highlights and shadows from zone five?

How do I control contrast? I've read several varying opinions. Some say I cannot control it at all. Some say I can get an e6 kit and use zone system techniques just like b&w. Some say just to meter two stops above zone v and let shadows fall where they may but not knowing exactly where the upper limit is with the film I don't know?

Assuming I sent it to a lab for the first rolls do I have to use color balance filters or will the lab correct it for me? Until I find a color head for my enlarger I'm restricted to a CD of images but I'm actively looking for one now. If I don't color correct will the results be dissatisfying? Even correcting the CD of images?

If I had more disposable income I'd just buy a bunch of Velvia, e6 chemistry, color head and paper and figure it out but I can't afford to do that so I really appreciate your help. Thank you.