Drew- sorry about the choppers. What if we brew the coffee weak and cut your food in little pieces?

Charley - next time it is! I'll keep doing this as long as people have fun coming down. There is no reason we couldn't meet up for a coffee some other time, though. PM me if you're interested. We can usually gather a small group for any excuse to talk cameras here in NE!

Give away and trade table growing more interesting by the hour, folks. I'm in a "clean it out" mood and I've started to go through the shelves and file drawers. Anyone interested in shooting some Kodalith 6556 type III film in 35mm, bring an empty camera. I have a film loader filled with the stuff and some empty (old, metal) cassettes. I loaded one and tested the film (supposedly belly-up some time in the 1980's) with a 25 minute 1/100 Rodinal stand dev. and it works fine (lazy man's testing system) -high contrast, but no visible fog. I also have a partial box of what I think is the same stuff in 4x5- this time "use before July 1972." Hell, that's only 40 years ago- let's give it a try.